Young Speakers Scotland is a new charity, established as a successor organization to the English-Speaking Union Scotland.

Building on the work of the ESU, Young Speakers Scotland’s purpose is to advance and promote the education and communication skills of children and young people in Scotland, particularly from disadvantaged circumstances, in order to lessen the poverty-related attainment gap and increase the employability of young people.

To meet this purpose, Young Speakers Scotland will take on the running of ESU Scotland programmes. Growing our workshops and competitions to reach new schools around Scotland is one of our primary goals and through the Speak up Scotland programme we hope to include schools with no debating or public speaking experience, helping them set up their own clubs and programmes.

The school a young person attends should never dictate their chance of success – and debating is no exception.

Young Speakers Scotland
Norton Park
57 Albion Road

Scottish Charity Number: SC050590

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