We will be developing our resources for teachers and pupils over the coming months. Here are just a few to get you started. Please do let us know if there is anything you would like to see!

Debating resources & activities

Lots of debating games, activities and resources for you to use with pupils.

Competition resources & info

Information and entry forms for our 2018-19 competitions and programmes.

Teaching research & Page Scholarship reports

Articles on Oracy.

Speaking Frankly: The Case for Oracy in the Classroom

A collection of essays by teachers, academics and educational thinkers on the importance of oracy in education. The voices present a range of perspectives but all share an understanding  of how vital it is for schools to pay attention to the explicit development of speaking and listening skills in their students.

Commissioned by The English-Speaking Union.

The State of Speaking in Our Schools

This report, by Will Millard and Loic Menzies, examines the current state of oracy in schools across the UK. It synthesises existing research on oracy, and explores teachers’ understanding of what oracy is, why it matters, how oracy is supported in classrooms and schools, and the main barriers to oracy.

Commissioned by Voice 21.

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