“We have already seen an improvement in our confidence and our ability to keep debates structures after your demonstration. The pupils want you back every week!”
– Teacher, St Augustine’s RC High School


Speak up Scotland is the ESU’s training programme- aimed at bringing debating to state schools as a way to lessen the poverty-related attainment gap.

Through workshops and a national competition day, s1 and s2 pupils are challenged to think strategically, speak persuasively and engage confidently.

If you’re interested in taking part in this programme, get in touch with us here.

To donate to the programme, follow this link.

Lockdown Debating Materials

As part of our Speak up Scotland programme, the ESU Scotland have put together materials to help teachers, pupils and parents keep debating going during this lockdown period.

You can find these materials below, and we’ll also be updating our blog regularly with posts, videos and information on upcoming (virtual!) events. I hope you find this material useful. We’re so looking forward to working with all of you in-person again once this uncertain period is over!

Debating During Lockdown: A Guide for Teachers

Intuitions, Examples and Analogies

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