Two weeks of travel to the USA to study an aspect of education which is relevant to communications and your own professional interests and development.


Our Walter Hines Page Scholarship, sponsored by EIS, enables teachers to travel to the USA for two weeks to study an aspect of education relating to communication.

The English-Speaking Union’s Walter Hines Page scholarships enable UK teaching professionals to travel to the USA to research and exchange educational ideas in the field of communication. Through the Page scholarships, the ESU and sponsoring teaching unions are seeking new and innovative research projects that can help inform their work in the field of oracy and communication.

The scholarship, offered since 1979, is intended to promote the exchange of educational ideas between Britain and the USA, with scholars meeting fellow professionals, and learning from their different approaches to educational issues.

Page Scholars travel to the US to study an aspect of education in which they are interested and which aligns with the ESU’s work. Thus, research proposals should outline a communications dimension to the project, and suggest how it might tie into the ESU’s interests in the field of oracy.

The scholarship helps cover the cost of international and domestic travel, and in-country living expenses.

We send two Walter Hines Page Scholars from Scotland. One of these scholarships is generously funded from a bequest by Miss Evelyn Small, a longstanding ESU member and former Chair of the Edinburgh Branch, and the other scholarship is funded by The Educational Institute of Scotland. Teachers must be a member of EIS to be eligible to apply.


Applications for the 2019-20 Academic year are now open.

The closing date for applications is Wednesday 15th March 2019.

The closing date for applications is:

Reports submitted by past scholars are available to download on our Teaching Research page in the Resources section.

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