Determined to debate

It was absolutely amazing and although we didn’t win anything, we felt our arguments were really strong and has given us the enthusiasm and confidence to join a debating club at secondary in August. 

Teacher, Castleton Primary School



A debates programme for clusters of primary and secondary schools in Glasgow, designed to help teachers integrate debating activities into their everyday teaching across a range of topics.


Determined to Debate is run in partnership with Glasgow City Council for primary and secondary schools to help teachers integrate debating activities into their everyday teaching across a range of topics.

The emphasis is on building pupils’ skills, and we have specifically designed debates formats to work with up to 50 pupils at a time,  ensuring that every child has a meaningful role within the debate. 

The programme takes place over 2-3 months and comprises CPD sessions for teachers, pupil workshops, and a competition for all participants. Schools are encouraged to take part in each stage of the programme.

We have delivered the programme for five years in partnership with Glasgow City Council, with the final competition in Glasgow Council’s City Chambers.

To date around 625 pupils and 96 teachers have participated from across the city, many from areas of high deprivation.

Themes for the programme have included: Renewable Energy; The Commonwealth Games and Sport; History and Heritage, looking at the people and buildings that make Glasgow special; and the 2018 European Championships.

Resources have been designed especially for this programme, and can be found here.


Determined to Debate usually takes place between January and March.

For details of the 2019 programme, or to register interest, please contact

The theme for the 2019 programme is INVENTORS, INNOVATORS & INFLUENCERS

Key dates for 2019 programme:

CPD 1: Monday 21st January, 4-6pm, Rangers Study Centre

CPD 2: Monday 28th January, 4-6pm, Rangers Study Centre

Hub workshops for pupils: 18th-27th February

Competition: Wednesday 27th March, Glasgow City Chambers

If you would like us to run a programme in your area please get in touch. The programme can be scaled up or down depending on the number of schools, and we can design a programme for you based on your choice of topics and subject area.

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